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kelly leaps into the festivities

TreeBall is today! If you haven't bought a ticket yet, jump on that. And yes, tickets will be available at the door.

TreeBall is celebration of the forests that we live among -- a dressed-to-the-nines cacophony of art, food, film, dance, music, fashion, and appreciation of our world and each other.


Ten Reasons To Come To TreeBall

10. Your $50 ticket gets you appetizers, two drinks, dancing to a 20 piece Swing/big band with featured performers, a fashion/dance performance, an art exhibition and auction, and an IMAX style multimedia presentation about TreeFight's past and future: in other words, the best damn party we can throw.

 9. Because you get to dress up. All the way up. As the natural anchors of our local and regional economy, our forests deserve all of our panache and style. That and I want to check you out in your sexiest, slinkiest kit. Yeah, you too, bro. Damn, you're gonna look so good!

8. It's going to be fun and fast. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the Ball concludes at 11 p.m. And then you can head to the Pink Garter for the Grateful Dead band. Or get up and shoot an elk the next day. Or both.

7. We're going to establish the fantastical, mystical and extremely solemn Order of the Axe, and reward its first members.


 6. With the help of Contemporary Dance Wyoming, we're launching our new fashion line at TreeBall: TreeFight Stems.  With Stems we take a leap forwards, to creating a mechanism of funding ourselves, and to building an associated (and swank!) business, operated as consciously we can. (More to come on these, soon!)


5. We are going to have an artistic celebration of our forests, that you can participate in! By contributing your own art, and/or by purchasing the art we're presenting. Proceeds to TreeFight, though *participating artists can earn up to 50% of the purchase price of their art.* It's up to them.  We have some amazing original paintings by Travis Walker, Todd Kosharek, Jessi Lundeen, and more, photographs by Tristan Greszko, David Gonzales, Jimmy Chin, and others, jewelry ... We were thinking we should keep the art auction small and exclusive but to hell with that -- there are too many artists out there who love trees and forests and have been inspired to create amazing things, and might want to show them off at the TreeBall, and possibly earn some money from their art. One catch: we must have your art by next week! Wednesday, Sept. 18! Please send an email to if you are interested in participating. Any kind of art is welcome: paintings, sculpture, pottery, jewelry... Please email me!

4. We're going to be serving all sorts of tasty appetizers created by the Rising Sage Cafe. We're not serving dinner, so if you're brawny you should probably eat dinner first. And then come and graze, drink and have dessert. If it were me, I’d probably make dinner out of the apps,  get buzzed on drinks and bid on lots of art, so feel free to do the same.


 3. The multimedia presentation includes never-seen-before aerial footage of whitebark forests recently shot by the Turner Broadcasting System, and never-seen-before-or-even-created-before aerial footage, shot by Tristan Greszko using state of the art RC helicopters. On a giant screen. Jaw dropping, goose-pimply stuff, I promise, worth the price of admission alone.

2. We have live music: the 20-piece Jackson Hole Jazz Foundation Big Band, conducted by Tony Saladino, will also be accompanying the IMAX presentation. This is legit, live digital/analog multimedia: don't accept anything less!

1. But the number one reason to come to TreeBall is because I need your help.  I need your ear, your judgement, and if you consider our plans worthwhile, your endorsement and support. 

The last three years have been a roller coaster, as TreeFight gave voice to an idealism about this place, and then watched our idealism splinter against various rocky shoals, as it should, which has led to a more realistic, scientific, pragmatic path. It’s been an interesting three years, but we’re still here for the fight. And now I think we have a better way to fight.


 I can't do it without you. If TreeFight is going to fly, it will gain its wings on the autumn eve of September 27, 2013. So please


come to our Ball!

Thank you,



treeball poster

Can't wait!

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